ACL Manager 1.3.0 released

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ACL Manager 1.3.0 releasedACL Manager gets smart! This new version of ACL Manager introduces a new diagnostic feature that is able to detect and fix issues with your Joomla ACL permissions table, and also recognize admin access conflicts. ACL Manager 1.3.0 is available for download in the Member Area.

Introducing the new 'Diagnostic' page

In ACL Manager 1.3.0 you will notice a new tab in the ACL Manager menu, called Diagnostic. On this page ACL Manager will perform several checks to detect if there are issues with the assets table of your Joomla database (this is where the Joomla permissions are stored), if any items are missing in the assets table and if there are conflicts with admin access of User Groups. Lets look more closely at each check.

Check for Asset Issues

ACL Manager is checking the Joomla assets table for issues with the stored assets. Think about issues with wrong parent ID's, wrong levels and wrong stored permissions for example. Most of these issues are caused by Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 migrations or wrong stored permissions by third party extensions. These issues may result in unexpected behavior of the permissions you have set in your website, and easily results in confusing about the Joomla ACL system. When issues are detected you will get the overview below.

Asset Issues detectedAsset Issues detected on the diagnostic page in ACL Manager 1.3.0

Check for Missing Assets

The second check of ACL Manager is for missing assets in the assets table. All components should have a related asset entry in the assets table. Missing assets may result in unexpected behavior of the permissions or it is not possible to set the permissions for a component for example. ACL Manager will check if all installed components have an entry in the assets table as well so your permissions settings work for all components.

Missing Assets detectedMissing Assets detected on the diagnostic page in ACL Manager 1.3.0

Check for Admin Access Conflicts

The third check of ACL Manager is for conflicts with admin access for User Groups. When groups are allowed for the Admin Login action, they should be assigned to the Access Level of the admin menu as well. By default this is Access Level 'Special'. Otherwise the admin menu is not visible for a user after login. ACL Manager checks if all groups with admin access are assigned to the required Access Level to navigate in the admin area.

Admin Access ConflictsAdmin Access Conflicts on the diagnostic page in ACL Manager 1.3.0

Fix issues with a click!

The fact that ACL Manager is able to detect issues is nice of course, but fixing them is even better! So if any issues are discovered with a check you can easily fix it with a click on the button below the overview of the issues. When everything is fixed or no issues are discovered your screen will color green.

No Issues are detectedNo issues are detected or everything is fixed on the diagnostic page

Looking forward to your feedback!

ACL Manager will discover more issues with your assets table than you probably thought. It is quite likely that the checks will be extended with several other checks in the future. Let me know when you have issues with your permissions, I might be able to come up with a generic solution for it!

Get ACL Manager now, 1 year membership available now as well

ACL Manager 1.3.0 is available for download in the Member Area. No ACL Manager subscription yet? Get your subscription, starting at 10 euro. On popular request it is now also possible to sign up for a 1 year membership - next to the option of 6 months - just for 17,50 euro.

Read reviews of ACL Manager users in the Joomla Extensions Directory or check out the demo on Using ACL Manager? Share your thoughts by adding a review, many thanks!

How to update ACL Manager

Updating ACL Manager is easy: download ACL Manager 1.3.0 and install the package via the Joomla installer. It is not needed to uninstall your existing version of ACL Manager first.

Many thanks to all translators of ACL Manager and those who reported a bug and suggestions for ACL Manager!

Changelog ACL Manager 1.3.0

-------------------- 1.3.0 Release [15-May-2012] ------------------
+ -> Diagnostic tool to check for wrong assets, missing assets & admin access conflicts
^ -> Components filter showing all components with permissions instead of those with categories
+ -> English translation is loaded as fall back language in case of missing language strings
+ -> Adding diagnostic action to allow configure the access permissions for the diagnostic page
^ -> Forcing loading the correct icons in RocketTheme Mission Control backend template

Please find the entire changelog history in the Support Center

Sander Potjer

Written by Sander Potjer

Sander Potjer is the developer of ACL Manager for Joomla. Sander Potjer's passion for Joomla! began back in 2005 when he designed and built a Joomla! web site for his rowing team. His involvement with the Joomla! community started in 2008 as co-founder of the local Dutch community. .