FAQ: ACL Manager

1. I can't fix the Missing Assets / Asset Loop

If the "Add Missing Assets" button doesn't solve the Asset Issues in the Diagnostic Tool of ACL Manager, and the same issues are showing up, the objects listed are most likely not stored correctly in the Joomla database. They are providing wrong information to the diagnostic tool of ACL Manager. Because of that ACL Manager can't fix the asset issues properly.

You can fix this by finding the "non-fixable" Articles/Categories/Modules in the Joomla Article/Category/Module manager. Open the items and simply save them again. In that way the correct data is stored and shouldn't confuse ACL Manager anymore.

Note 1: that for Module issues the items can be Admin Modules, to see those modules you need to filter for the "Administrator" modules in the Module Manager. 

Note 2: objects might be in the trash as well. In that case you can filter for the trashed items, select them all, and empty the trash via the toolbar.

2. What is included in the installation package?

The ACL Manager installation package includes the ACL Manager component and the ACL Manager plugin. Both are installed and published automatically when installing the installation package.

3. Can I hide the Legend from the sidebar?

Yes. Click on the Options button in the toolbar and set Legend to Hide.

4. Can I hide the User / User Group information in the sidebar?

Yes. Click on the Options button in the toolbar and set User/Group Information to Hide.

5. Can I hide the assigned Users / User Groups in the sidebar?

Yes. Click on the Options button in the toolbar and set Assigned Users/Groups to Hide.

6. Can I hide the entire sidebar for a wide permission overview?

Sure! Click on the Options button in the toolbar and make sure you set: Assigned Users/Groups, User/Group Information & Legend to Hide. The sidebar will not be visible anymore.

7. Can I increase the 250 issues limit on the diagnostic page?

Yes. Click on the Options button in the toolbar and to set the "Diagnostic Issues Limit". The maximum number you can set depends on the PHP "memory_limit" size of your hosting settings. 250 is default and recommended to prevent "memory size" errors.

8. How does ACL Manager affect native Joomla ACL?

ACL Manager is built on top of the Joomla core ACL system. ACL Manager does not add any additional tables to your database. The default Joomla #__assets table (where all permissions are stored) is used by ACL Manager.

You can manage the permissions via the ACL Manager interface and the settings will be stored in the Assets table. When you uninstall ACL Manager all your configured permissions will remain active.

9. Error "Fatal error: Class 'JControllerLegacy' not found"

You are using an outdated Joomla version. Please make sure you are using the latest Joomla 2.5.x / Joomla 3.0.x version. After updating your website this issue will be solved. Updating Joomla is easy via the built-in Joomla Updater.

10. Error "Fatal error: Call to undefined method JSession::checkToken()"

You are using an outdated Joomla version. Please make sure you are using the latest Joomla 2.5.x / Joomla 3.0.x version. After updating your website this issue will be solved. Updating Joomla is easy via the built-in Joomla Updater.

11. The ACL Manager live-update function is not working

Please make sure you have an active ACL Manager subscription and you have set the Download ID in the component options (this is available since ACL Manager 2.0.0). You can find your personal Download ID in the member area of this website. You can also check your subscription status over there.

In case the live-update is not working it might be possible that your webhost is blocking the update function. You can always download the latest ACL Manager package in the member area and install it manually via the Joomla installer. No need to uninstall the current ACL Manager version first.

12. Where can if find my Download ID

You can find your personal Download ID in the member area of this website. Copy your Download ID to the component options of ACL Manager (this is available since ACL Manager 2.0.0). This will allows you to use the live-update function.

13. I have an error/issue, what should I do?

Please make sure you:

  • are using the latest Joomla version
  • are using the latest ACL Manager version
  • have fixed all issues displayed on the diagnostic page of ACL Manager
Please submit a support ticket if you still have errors/issues after you have checked all items above.

14. ACL Manager Changelog

* -> Security Fix
# -> Issue Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

-------------------- 2.5.4 Release [13-Jul-2017] ------------------
^ -> Improve fall-back for components without ACL support
# -> Fix issue saving group permissions

-------------------- 2.5.3 Release [11-Jul-2017] ------------------
^ -> Further improve work-around for asset changes in Joomla! 3.7.3
# -> Fix changing core.admin permission causing forced logout

-------------------- 2.5.2 Release [07-Jul-2017] ------------------
# -> Hide com_fields from permission table
# -> Hide #__ucm_content entries from permission table
^ -> core.options is now a global action! Remove temporary work-around
^ -> Work-around for asset changes in Joomla! 3.7.3 causing issues with the permissions grid
^ -> Change diagnostics detection to align with Joomla! 3.7.3

-------------------- 2.5.1 Release [11-May-2017] ------------------
# -> Fix PHP 7.1 warning for asset level calculations
# -> Fix error for older Joomla! versions not using menu assets
+ -> Joomla! 3.7 compatibility
# -> Fix issue with JAccess::getAssetRules returning different data in Joomla! 3.7

-------------------- 2.5.0 Release [11-Jan-2017] ------------------
+ -> Adding ACL grid support for Joomla! Core Menus
+ -> Adding diagnostic support for Joomla! Core Menus
+ -> Display asset name in diagnostic view for easier debugging
+ -> Adding German (Switzerland) [de-CH] language
^ -> DataTables JS update
^ -> Preparations for ACL Manager 3
^ -> Move language files to component folder, language packs no longer needed
^ -> Switch from Akeeba Live Update to Joomla! core update system

-------------------- 2.4.7 Release [05-May-2016] ------------------
# -> Show only the assigned user groups in user permission view, no parents
+ -> Adding Flemish [nl-BE] language
+ -> Adding detection for categories added in Joomla! 3.5 without asset rules
# -> Prevent JavaScript issues for extensions with custom actions without language strings
+ -> Adding support for core.options action, that is available for some core-components
+ -> Adding diagnostic issue detection for components using the core categories
# -> Fix issue for the PDO database driver

-------------------- 2.4.6 Release [30-Sep-2014] ------------------
# -> Fix articles visibility issue in Joomla! 2.5 due listLimit bug fix

-------------------- 2.4.5 Release [24-Sep-2014] ------------------
# -> Fix Module Manager filtering issues in permission grid
# -> Fix title filter for user permissions overview
^ -> Better handling for 3rd party asset icons
# -> Fix listLimit bug introduced in Joomla! 3.3.4

-------------------- 2.4.4 Release [29-Apr-2014] ------------------
# -> Fix ordering of additional language files, English as fallback. Component menu in site language.
^ -> Change method of overriding/extending the Joomla! core classes, thank you Marcelo Gilano
# -> Added missing com_ajax & com_contenthistory as new core components in plugin
# -> Fix issue with reset permissions modal in Joomla! 2.5
+ -> Joomla! 3.3 compatibility

-------------------- 2.4.3 Release [06-Jan-2014] ------------------
# -> Fix issue that Joomla! 3.2 backend is always in English when browsing ACL Manager
# -> Fix filtering issue on selecting single article for menu in Joomla! 3.2

-------------------- 2.4.2 Release [18-Nov-2013] ------------------
# -> Prevent loading override files for Joomla! 3.2 as Module ACL is in core
# -> Fix redeclare class ContentModelArticles error in Featured tab of Article Manager
# -> Fix wrong construction of link to category
# -> Print button was not visible in Joomla! 3.x
^ -> Added com_ajax & com_contenthistory as new core components without permissions
^ -> Hide modules in permission overview when 'Show Item' filter set to 'no'

-------------------- 2.4.1 Release [07-Nov-2013] ------------------
# -> Fix JSON error for groups in ACL Manager without users
# -> Fix issues for PHP 5.2 compatibility
# -> Prevent wrong list of asset issues in diagnostic tool
# -> Filter set to "all" didn't returned any article or modules when ACL editable only enabled
^ -> Update of the ACL Manager installation script

-------------------- 2.4.0 Release [30-Oct-2013] ------------------
+ -> New option to set additional permissions for the Category Manager (com_categories)
+ -> New option to show only the Articles in the Article Manager that a User is allowed to edit
+ -> New option to allow to set permissions per Module
+ -> New option to show only the Modules in the Module Manager that a User is allowed to edit
+ -> Quick links to create new User Groups and Users in User & User Groups overviews
^ -> Hide disabled components from the ACL Manager grid
^ -> Akeeba Live Update library updated to the latest version
^ -> Additonal actions are opened by default on print view
^ -> Prevent possible jQuery conflicts
^ -> lft value of Root Asset set to 0 instead of 1 when rebuilding assets table
^ -> Prevent parent_id=0 on sites with with corrupted categories/articles tables, causing backend login issues
^ -> Load assigned Users & Groups in permission grid dynamically
^ -> Several compatibility changes to support Joomla! 3.2
^ -> Prevent user to configure actions in ACL Manager when component configure is not allowed
# -> Fix JavaScript issue on changing action state with no parent
# -> Prevent Undefined index error when checking assetAction, thank you Evandro Machado
# -> Fix issue with Diagnostic Rebuild button not working in Joomla! 3.x
# -> Fix wrong link URL for Extension Manager asset in grid overview
# -> Fix issue with fixed table heading on permission grid view in Joomla! 3.x
- -> Remove redirect back to ACL Manager grid after editing articles, categories and config from ACL Manager

-------------------- 2.3.1 Release [14-Jan-2013] ------------------
# -> Fix issue with loading of users and user groups in control panel for JSN PowerAdmin template
# -> Changing function strstr() for better PHP 5.2.x compatibility
^ -> Diagnostic tool now checks for specific categories actions per component
+ -> Diagnostic tool can now fix categories and articles with asset_id = 0
# -> Prevent 3rd party plugins manipulating the ACL Manager JSON causing issues in control panel
+ -> Load ACL Manager English language file for fallback in component options

-------------------- 2.3.0 Release [03-Jan-2013] ------------------
# -> Fix layout issue with diagnostic page in Joomla! 2.5
^ -> Improved checks to detect issues with assets
# -> Fix diagnistic issue in combination with certain other extensions in Joomla! 3.0
^ -> Prevent ACL Manager checking ACL support for Joomla! core components
+ -> Adding diagnostic check to detect and remove orphan assets
+ -> Improved diagnostic check to add missing category and article assets
+ -> New option to set the 'Diagnostic Issues Limit', preventing memory_size errors on sites with thousands of asset issues
+ -> Notice on User permissions overview to explain you can only set permissions for User Groups
^ -> Users & Groups on ACL Manager home are now dynamically loaded to reduce loading time for large sites
+ -> Adding Ukrainian [uk-UA] language, thank you Yuriy Chubarov
+ -> Adding Greek [el-GR] language, thank you Tryfon Farmakakis

-------------------- 2.2.0 Release [29-Sep-2012] ------------------
+ -> Adding Afrikaans [af-ZA] language, thank you Andre Janse van Rensburg
# -> Fixed 'Undefined index' error on orphan asset checks
# -> Fix queries for SQL Server
+ -> Adding Catalan [ca-ES] language, thank you Jose M. Holgado
+ -> Joomla! 3.0 compatiblity
^ -> Akeeba Live Update library updated to the latest version
+ -> Bootstrapping the Joomla! 3.0 interface of ACL Manager
# -> Fix missing image due wrong user notes naming convention

-------------------- 2.1.0 Release [23-Jul-2012] ------------------
# -> Viewing a user with Super User permissions now showing all allowed (green) icons
^ -> Display Notice instead of Warning when Download ID is not supplied yet
^ -> Changed check for default ACL Manager permissions
# -> Fixed wrong return (ID error) after editing categories/articles via ACL Manager
^ -> Akeeba Live Update library updated to the latest version
# -> Fixed display of 'Update available' notice when no internet connection available
^ -> CSS changes to fix display issues (missing J! core css) in RocketTheme Mission Control template
^ -> Prevent 3rd party extensions with poor ACL integration can result in errors on saving permissions
^ -> Moved permission grid table overview to separate template file, easy reuse
+ -> Adding option to revert group permission to Joomla! default or to clear all
# -> Fixed changing state of actions for page 2 and higher of permission grid
# -> Fixed redirecting to ACL Manager after editing content/categories not opened via ACL Manager

-------------------- 2.0.0 Release [06-Jul-2012] ------------------
+ -> Adding clickable permission grid to the group view, set permissions directly in the grid
+ -> Adding control panel to ACL Manager as start point of the extension
+ -> Adding One-Click Live Update functionality for ACL Manager (powered by Akeeba Live Update)
+ -> Adding 'Rebuild' button to the diagnostic view to rebuild the assets table
^ -> Moved the sidebar in all views from left to the right side
^ -> Several changes to the group and user views to align with the new ACL Manager control panel
# -> Diagnostic tool is now also able to detect Super User groups not assigned to admin access level
# -> leftId of asset rebuild should start with 1 instead of 0
# -> Fix alignment of type icon in overview for Google Chrome

-------------------- 1.3.0 Release [15-May-2012] ------------------
+ -> Diagnostic tool to check for wrong assets, missing assets & admin access conflicts
^ -> Components filter showing all components with permissions instead of those with categories
+ -> English translation is loaded as fall back language in case of missing language strings
+ -> Adding diagnostic action to allow configure the access permissions for the diagnostic page
^ -> Forcing loading the correct icons in RocketTheme Mission Control backend template

-------------------- 1.2.0 Release [02-Apr-2012] ------------------
^ -> Changed method for displaying trashed categories and articles in overview
- -> Removed display of asset status and references on asset hover to reduce inner joins for improved performance
^ -> Print view displays all assets, not limited to list limit
+ -> Set default permissions for ACL Manager on fresh installation
# -> Fixed display of wrong stored permissions by 3rd party extension as Global Configuration
^ -> Changed method for displaying icons in grid to prevent other 3rd party extension mess it up
^ -> Adding background color to legend as well to prevent confusing
+ -> Adding Slovenian [sl-SI] language, thanks you Elvis Sedić
+ -> Adding basic ACL support for all components that do not support ACL by default
^ -> Changed asset table heading for a clearer action overview and persistent on top when scrolling
^ -> Moved the ACL Manager css files to separate asset folder and changed loading method to prevent cached css on updates
+ -> Adding Finnish [fi-FI] language, thanks you Ville Niemi

-------------------- 1.1.3 Release [03-Jan-2012] ------------------
+ -> Adding option to print group/user permission overview settings
+ -> Adding group & user submenu in admin menu for ACL Manager
+ -> Adding Amharic (Ethiopia) [am-ET] language
# -> Fixed asset overview for Joomla! 1.6, implemented logic for total 'login' actions (J! 1.6: no offline login action)
^ -> Changing title of com_installer to match the title of the extension: 'Extension Manager'
^ -> Further reduced amount of database queries for improved performance on bigger sites

-------------------- 1.1.2 Release [09-Oct-2011] ------------------
+ -> Adding Croatian [hr-HR] language
+ -> Adding Hungarian [hu-HU] language
+ -> Adding Bulgarian [bg-BG] language
^ -> Speed improvements, reducing database queries
+ -> Adding Portuguese [pt-PT] language
+ -> Adding Persian [fa-IR] language
# -> Fixed display of additional cells for global configuration asset
+ -> Adding Italian [it-IT] language
+ -> Adding Japanese [ja-JP] language
+ -> Adding Brazilian Portuguese [pt-BR] language

-------------------- 1.1.1 Release [16-Sep-2011] ------------------
+ -> Added check for config.xml file of an extension exists before loading modal window
# -> Fixed errors when assets stored not correctly in #__assets table

-------------------- 1.1.0 Release [15-Sep-2011] ------------------
+ -> Adding access checks for assets, only clickable if user is allowed to access/manage an asset
# -> Moved used Joomla! images from bluestork to ACL Manager assets, for those deleted bluestork template
+ -> 3rd party extensions without stored rules are now visible in overview
+ -> Adding support for 3rd party extension Actions in overview
^ -> Overwrite action title and descriptions for better use in asset table headings
^ -> Changing the table asset grid for more action title space (needed for translations)
^ -> Improving asset rules check to allow to use 3rd party custom permissions
# -> Using asset name instead of title for loading extension options modal box

-------------------- 1.0.1 Release [08-Sep-2011] ------------------
$ -> Corrected wrong labeling of Hide Legend and Assigned Users/Groups for all language files
^ -> Browser title for ACL Manager is not overruled anymore, using global title
$ -> Copyright footer as a language string
+ -> Adding index.html to assets folder
$ -> Dutch Language corrections
+ -> Adding Arabic [ar-SA] language
+ -> Adding Danish [da-DK] language
+ -> Adding German [de-DE] language
+ -> Adding Spanish [es-ES] language
+ -> Adding French [fr-FR] language
+ -> Adding Norwegian [fr-FR] language
+ -> Adding Polish [pl-PL] language
+ -> Adding Russian [ru-RU] language
+ -> Adding Swedish [sv-SE] language
+ -> Adding Thai [th-TH] language
+ -> Adding Chinese [zh-CN] language

-------------------- 1.0.0 Release [10-Aug-2011] ------------------
!-> Initial release of ACL Manager for Joomla

Questions? Please look at the FAQ or contact me directly!